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Bug#473645: linux-2.6: Please enable Xen guest support in all i386 kernel packages

reopen 473645

Bastian Blank wrote:
>         Because of several shortcommings in the maintainer scripts and
>         the image loader, this currently needs an extra image, which
>         is built.

The patch v2.08 which I supplied together with [0] against Xen itself
addresses precisely those issues and removes the need for an extra
image, that is exactly why I wrote it and got it merged upstream. With
these patches a bzImage format vmlinuz file can be booted on native and
can also be understood by the Xen domain builder.

I have built -486 and -686-bigmem packages with these patches and the
packages work fine under both native and Xen guest.

If there are further issues with using the packages in a domU then I am
not aware of them -- if you point me in the right direction I will fix
those too. As it stands I think there is no reason to not apply these
patches -- they cause no harm or regression. If there are remaining
issues those can be addressed in due course.

I appreciate that dom0 support is somewhat different. It is more
involved and currently needs many more patches, it is probably a good
idea to keep those in a separate package for now.


which I was going to file as wishlist against the h/v package once it
was applied upstream.
Ian Campbell



(The nearest working elevator is in the building across the street.)

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