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etch-and-a-half and/or IT8213 backport for etch?


Is the 2.6.24-4 kernel that just made it to lenny expected to be
released for etch-and-a-half before/for r4?  If not, would it be worth
it (read: likely to be accepted) to submit a patch to bts with a
backport of the it8213 IDE PCI driver?

The reason I ask is we've started buying servers at work that come
with the Supermicro X7SBi motherboard, which uses the IT8213 IDE
chipset.  No driver in 2.6.18, making it impossible[0] to install
etch.  An it8213 driver was introduced just after 2.6.20, compiles
cleanly against 2.6.18-18, and works fine in my tests.


[0] Well, in my case we install onto 3ware controllers, so it's
installable if I grab a USB cdrom drive.

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