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Bug#473206: Acknowledgement (linux-image-2.6.24-1-686: please enable kernel .config support for all x86 images)

20K config vs. 1.6M image size? Seems a bit an odd comparison to me. On the
other hand, the uncompressed .config in /boot takes ~80K which is four times as
much (ok, it also lies on disk and not in RAM :-)

My point is, having the config available during runtime might come in handy
when handling custom compiled kernels with sane debian-.configs as a basis,
especially when the target system is not apt-or even dpkg-based. Admittedly,
one could say since it's custom, this setting just could/should be "customized"
as well.

Well, whatever way this is going to turn out, I encourage consitent handling of
this setting throughout all arch'es.


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