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Bug#473136: linux-image-2.6.24-1-iop32x: Can't found /dev/rtc : not hardware clock

OK, so the problem is that you use the IQ31244 support, and the
IQ31244 doesn't have RTC.  I suggest you use the kernel support for
EM7210 instead, which should be closer to the EM7220 than the IQ31244.
I will activate support for EM7210 for 2.6.25.

Since your boot loader obviously tells the kernel it's a IQ31244
rather than a EM7220, you have to prepand a couple of bytes to set the
machine id to that of EM7220 (or, rather, EM7210, which is supported
in the kernel).  The machine ID for EM7210 is 1212, so 0x04bc.

devio > header 'wl 0xe3a01c04,4' 'wl 0xe38110bc,4'

and then

cat header vmlinux* > new-kernel

should work.
Martin Michlmayr

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