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Re: Problem with nfs and initramfs-tools

On Thu, 10 Jan 2008, Andre Timmermann wrote:

> When u use the parameter ip=::::::dhcp on the commandline, the following
> command will be executed by the
> nfs-script /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/nfs:
> ipconfig -d ::::::dhcp
> This loops forever because one interface will not come up due to a
> missing network-cable.

fixed in unstable ipconfig klibc 1.5.9-1,
please try it out
> Adding "-t 10" kills ipconfig after 10 tries.
> ipconfig -t 10 -d ::::::dhcp

couldn't reproduce that would continue to loop for me.
> After that sourceing /tmp/net-${DEVICE}.conf will overwrite the nfs
> setting from the kernel-commandline with the setting gathered from the
> dhcp-server. And again, this could be desired or not ;)
> Our DHCP-Server does not know anything about the nfs-root because it is
> needed exclusively by the rescuesystem.

hmmm that depends on your nfs boot params, can you please post yours,
where you were seeing this?
> In addition ${DEVICE} seemes to be hardcoded in the initramfs.conf. If
> initramfs.conf says eth0 and the interface is eth1 it will not be
> sourced.
> I have put it like this:
> for i in `ls /tmp/net-*.conf`; do . $i; done
> as I know that there is only one nic which will be configured.

this should be possbile to pass as boot param afair.

thanks for your feedback and patience.

best regards


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