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Bug#462677: non-working coreutils and findutils in arm chroot, running armel kernel

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 05:21:32PM +0200, Riku Voipio wrote:
See #462677 and.
for previous discussion. I presume findutils has moved to the new
*at syscalls as well. The syscalls themself appear to work as accepted,
but rm gets confused nevertheless.

IIRC from the last time I looked at one of these, the syscall was returning some wacky big invalid number. Maybe there's a bug in an endian assumption in the kernel, or glibc or something, but I don't at this point see where coreutils is doing something wrong. (And, now, findutils.) If someone can show that it is a coreutils problem, and have some kind of reproducible case I'd be happy to look at it more. At this point I don't see what I can do. (I will point out that this problem did not exist when the package was built, because it would have failed the build tests--so what could have changed apart from the rm binary...)

This is a completely different issue than the "function not supported" problem on older kernels with /proc not mounted.

Mike Stone

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