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Re: kernel 2.6.24 & speakup

Frans Pop, le Tue 25 Mar 2008 19:29:56 +0100, a écrit :
> (Please don't CC me on list mail.)

Then tell your mailer to use followup-to :)

> On Tuesday 25 March 2008, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> > The idea is to compile the speakup module out-of-tree but still include
> > it in d-i.
> Why would you want to compile a module that is in-tree as an out-of-tree 
> module?

Mmm, maybe I don't understand what you mean by "in-tree".

The idea is not to compile speakup built into the kernel, but just as a
module, and then it doesn't need to be integrated to the kernel build
system, but just be compiled separately, just like exmap, ndiswrapper,
spca5xx etc.


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