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programmatic reorder of _all_ config files

Hi folks

I intend to do an programmatic reordering of all config files. Several
arches have config snippets which are not readable at all and this
should fix it.

The tool which does the work is currently available as
/people/waldi/utils/kconfigeditor2/bin/process.py in the kernel
repository. The output is slightly different to the normal config output
because of several shortcomings in the Kconfig system and the tools.

It does not build a tree, which is displayed this way by the original
tools and is also written in this order at the end. Instead it uses each
Kconfig menu file on its own and writes all the settings at once. This
provides much more but shorter blocks in the output.

My tests shows no differences in the finished config (aka make oldconfig
output) for powerpc and i386. For now it removes any comment.


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