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Bug#405140: linux-2.6 - xen images does not support frequency scaling

Xen does not support for now processor scaling at all, because a frequency 
change it really difficult to handle. Think of how vmware virtual machine 
timer works when processor scaling is enabled on a normal kernel.

The real problem is in the x86_64 part of the patch 

We are all asking why the symbol pm_idle is not exported in x86_64?

What is the upstream author of this patch? Where are updated patches?

What about porting the fedora kernel-xen 2.6.21 on debian?

There is a lack of new dom0 kernels.

Ubuntu has patched kernels for xen dom0, 2.6.20, 2.6.22 and 2.6.24. I'm very 
curious to find out where they take those patches... But, anyways... I tried 
to rebuild some kernels from their sources, but I have got only very unstable 
kernels (and even some kernels that don't booted at all).

If someone could explain me what is the situation, and if there are valid 
alternatives beside kvm (I haven't a VT or SVM processor) to xen...


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