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Re: [SECURITY] [DSA 1503-1] New Linux kernel 2.4.27 packages fix several issues

On Friday 29 of February 2008, Desai, Jason wrote:
> I have noticed very similar things with one of my boxes which was
> upgraded to the latest 2.4.27 kernel.  Sometimes, it would even hang
> when running depmod from the modutils init script when booting.  I did
> some troubleshooting, and found that the older kernel boots fine.
> Moving some modules out to a different directory allowed the system to
> boot.  But it would eventually hang after a few hours, sometimes after
> only minutes.  Like you indicated - ping would work.  But there was
> nothing in the logs on the screen for me.

Yes that looks exactly the same as on my server. No log, nothing on console.

> I had other systems upgraded to this kernel too, and they seem ok.  Most
> use ext3.  However one does use ext2, and so far it has been ok.  The
> system giving me problems is a VM running inside of VMWare Server.  I
> was thinking the issue may have been with VMWare.

My server does not use VMWare so I think we can ignore that.

S pozdravem
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