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Bug#466954: open-iscsi: Hangs trying to log out of Dell MD3000i

Andrew Moise wrote:
On 2/28/08, Mike Christie <michaelc@cs.wisc.edu> wrote:
 Andrew Moise wrote:
 > On 2/23/08, Andrew Moise <chops@demiurgestudios.com> wrote:
 >>  Okay, the userspace tools in open-iscsi 2.0.868-rc1, when combined
 >> with either the 2.6.25-rc2 kernel or the Debian 4.0 kernel (2.6.18)
 >> with the backported driver, seem not to have this problem.  They also
 >> each survived several hours of bonnie++
 >   Are there any plans to push these iscsi updates back into the stable
 > kernel series?  For me this is definitely a critical fix, and for

I think the patches that went upstream are too big for the stable tree.
 I am trying to do a basic hack that will work though. I need it for
 Fedora too, but I have not been able to get it smaller and ported.

  Okay, makes sense.
  Debian folks: I'd definitely like to see the new open-iscsi make it
into the kernel for lenny one way or another, although for myself I'd
be perfectly okay with installing backported modules again if lenny

I am not familiar with Debain. Is lenny the name of the stable tree for Debain?

ships with 2.6.22 and no updated iscsi.  Of course, I have a feeling
that the Debian maintainers may be inclined to trust upstream's
judgement over mine as to what "stable" is :-), which would leave me
installing the backported modules again if lenny ships with 2.6.22.
  Are there any iscsi fixes in 2.6.24, or is it 2.6.25 or nothing?

There are major fixes in 2.6.23 for error handler races and an oops. There is one major fix in 2.6.24 for a write out race.

If you guys tell me what kernel you are using, I can try to port the upstream patches to your kernel for you guys. That is what I do for Red Hat and Fedora normally (I think it will be easer for this bug's patch too now that I think of it and considering you will probably want the other bug fixes I mentioned above) and it would make it easier on me since I could hopefully use similar code for Red Hat and Debian. Plus, instead of having to do stable kernel fixes, iscsi tarball fixes, and distro kernel backport fixes, I would only have to do two :)

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