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Re: Meeting for etch and a half

On Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 06:24:56PM -0600, dann frazier wrote:
> (sorry for the nasty cross-posting)
> hey,
>  Now that 2.6.23 is out and the proposed timeframe for etch 1/2 is
> just over two months away, its probably a good time to start making
> some progress on an etch 1/2.
>  Perhaps we should start with an IRC meeting? I've created a wiki page
> here with an initial stab at an agenda, starting with "Is it still a
> good idea?":
>   http://wiki.debian.org/EtchAndAHalf
>  If we have consensus is to proceed, then I'd like to see if we can
> come up with a list of next steps. I'll be travelling Thur->Monday of
> this week, so Wednesday is the only day I can do this week, but next
> week is pretty open. If you're interested in attending, please mark
> available times here:
>   http://www.doodle.ch/wa4r43rq55uif8rf

Looks like 10/31 @ 18:00 GMT works for most, so lets do that.

dann frazier

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