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Re: Bug#445083: usb interrupt problem

reassign 445083 linux-2.6

On Oct 03, "G. Eckersley" <g.eckersley@ieee.org> wrote:

> Installing libgphoto2-2    version 2.4.0-4
> caused all usb devices on a Toshiba A100 to disappear.
> This seemed to be caused by some device driver being loaded
> which disabled interrupts from the usb bridge.
> modifying /etc/udev/rules.d/025_libgphoto2.rules to exclude rules for all
> devices other than the ones I needed solved this problem. 
> This behaviour was puzzling as there were no devices matching any of the
> deleted rules, and it was not possible to find any device driver being
> loaded by udev during the boot process.
> Setting the irqpoll boot option also renabled the interrupts for the missing 
> devices.
Obviously a kernel bug.


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