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Re: initramfs-tools / cryptoroot

Hi Max,

> why are you not using ipconfig, the klibc dhclient equiv.
> if it doesn't work for you i'd be happy to know why!?

1) I've overlooked udphcpc is compiled into initramfs-tools' busybox
2) I've tried (roughly) this afternoon to use udhcpc, it just says it's missing
some script. Gotta look deeper into this when I've some spare time...

>> #ensure boot scripts are executable
>> find $DESTDIR/scripts -name remoteunlock -exec chmod 755 {} \;
> the scripts itself need to be executable on installation,
> no need to rerun that on any update-initramfs.

> you add more binaries than you actually use, i saw no mv and rm invocation
> for example. for rm you can use nuke from klibc. for ifconfig use
> ipconfig (yes can also set static dev). also bash seems quite redundant
> and chown superfluous.
I know...but dhclient3 requires these commands to be available as real
binaries, not just as busy-box commands, otherwise it complains and ceases
functioning. Of course, this issue will be obsolete as soon as I have udhcpc



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