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Bug#439020: Please could CONFIG_TCG_TPM be set to 'm'

Package: linux-image-2.6-686
Version: 2.6.18+6
Severity: wishlist

I was looking at trying out Trusted Grub
( http://www.prosec.rub.de/trusted_grub.html ) but found that the stock
Debian kernels seem to be built without the required drivers.  It
appears they were disabled by in commit r3389 to the kernel-svn:


As far as I can see the only reason given for this was:


I appreciate that this is an emotive issue for some but I dispute the
assertion that these are useless.  It seems there are other developers
who may be interested in this as well:


As far as I see it, the TPM chip is just a tool, whether it is used by
the owner to defend their computer against tampering or whether it is
used by $LARGE_CORPORATION as part of a system to take away people's
freedoms is a separate human and a political issue.  Thus I think it
would be nice to have TPM drivers in Debian as then whoever has root on
that has the choice of whether or not to use the chip.

 - Martin

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