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Bug#383600: behaviour of update-initramfs -u has changed, only updates latest kernel initrd

maks suggests

> you may want to set all for update_initramfs in 
> /etc/initramfs-tools/update-initramfs.conf

I think this means

Is that correct?

Neither the comments in that file nor the man page list "all" as a legal
option.  It would be good to update them if it is.

I too noticed this issue when updating udev while running an older
kernel than the most recent one installed.  I find the current behavior
surprising, and it doesn't strike me as necessarily more conservative.
It's safer if update-initramfs or something else makes the initramfs
broken.  But it's less safe if it fails to apply a security fix or a
necessary component (e.g., if you install evms any initramfs from before
the installation will not work; evms uses update-initramfs -u in its

As long as there's some way to change the default, I guess everyone can
have their own opinions :)

Ross Boylan

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