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Bug#438697: REPORTING-BUGS file missing

Package: linux-doc-2.6.21
Version: 2.6.21-5
Severity: minor

The REPORTING-BUGS file is mentioned, but missing.
$ pwd
$ find -type f|xargs zgrep REPORTING-BUGS
./Documentation/SecurityBugs.gz:REPORTING-BUGS if you are unclear about what information is helpful.
./Documentation/BUG-HUNTING.gz:Before you submit a bug report read REPORTING-BUGS.
./Documentation/sound/oss/VIA-chipset.gz:please report the information to the linux-kernel list (see REPORTING-BUGS).
./Documentation/HOWTO.gz:The file REPORTING-BUGS in the main kernel source directory has a good
./Documentation/networking/vortex.txt.gz:  REPORTING-BUGS file.
$ find|grep -i REPORTING-BUGS

Perhaps this is just the tip of a missing files iceberg?

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