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Bug#429064: linux-libc-devel: <linux/types.h> conflicts with <sys/ustat.h>

It has now been a full month since the patch was posted. Is there any
progress towards getting it, or some other fix, applied? If not, is
there any chance of an explanation of just why this patch is not
considered acceptable, so that an alternate fix could potentially be

This bug is blocking updates on 454 different packages for me, and
blocking me from installing a number of additional packages I really
want to have now that I finally have a use for them. The
workaround/"solution" of installing linux-libc-dev and then applying the
patch by hand does not sit well with me, in no small part since if I'm
not mistaken I would then have to remember to re-patch by hand every
time there was an update to the package.

If this bug is not in fact important enough to warrant not upgrading
packages because it has not been fixed, then it should not be marked as
Serious. If it *is* that important, then it should not go this long
without being addressed, particularly not when an apparently viable fix
is as simple as the posted patch.

I have been postponing package upgrades - including some security fixes
- for close to the full two-month time this bug has been open, and am
becoming decidedly uncomfortable with the situation.

      The Wanderer

Warning: Simply because I argue an issue does not mean I agree with any
side of it.

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