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Re: [Pkg-xen-devel] how to support xen in 2.6.23?

Henning Sprang wrote:
> Bastian Blank wrote:
>> We may just built it without xen-linux-system and without
>> hypervisor-compatibility settings, which makes update-grub to include it
>> with all available hypervisors. Or move the image away from /boot, which
>> makes it unusable with pygrub.
> You mean unsuable with pygrub in a guest?
> Hmm, I would not vote to change it like this.
> In general, I would keep everything as it is now, and wait a little bit
> before changing anything, as it's hard to see what will happen, and
> especially when, in upstream development.
    I would go with the wait-n-see approach as well. We don't want to go
ahead with something that could break current installs only to go back
once the root cause is resolved. As long as we're not facing an
immenient freeze let's wait and see if it doesn't get fixed before then.
> Better think about this if the time of the freeze comes, and still there
> is no upstream support for dom0 Kernels coming closer. Then you will
> have to think about dropping Xen completely, anyway - because it cannot
> be used at all when there's no Kernel - only when people build their own
> dom0 Kernel manually.
    I haven't been keeping up as good as usual due to my recent move and
all, but has anyone checked to see how Fedora 7 is handling Xen yet? I'd
looked at the FC 5 & 6 installs but haven't had a chance to check out 7
and see how they're doing things or what kernel version they have
installed. I tend to keep an eye on their progress so if I see something
that works, why not consider it.


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