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Debian Installer Status Update - August 10th 2007

New stuff

 * volatile support has been added.

 * g-i use dejavu for rendering Georgian text. Bug #435970 has been
   reported asking for udeb removal.

 * weekly builds has been enabled again and are now using sid

 * partman now uses relatime mount option by default.

Resolved breakage in daily builds

 * arm (ads_cf) had a build-failure has been resolved.
 * i386 amd m68k build failure due a change on genext2fs commandline.

Currently broken daily builds

 * m68k has a build-failure on the floppy flavours due a full-disk.

 * mips and mipsel builds are still broken.

 * The installation problem due the missing symbols still exists in
   some architectures since the conflict between libc-dev and
   linux-libc-dev (IIUC) isn't resolved yet (#434040).

 * amd64 CD images are currently problem due a error on boot-amd64

 * multiarch (i386, amd64) CD images are currently problem due a error
   on boot script.

 * sparc lenny CD images are failing due a lack of image on the

Other issues

 * Chinese (and Japanese/Korean) texts issue in slang2 (#425835) is
   still there.

 * Regressions in cleaning old LVM partitions (#425829) unfixed as

 * newt has issues with time changing (#436497) which has broken
   clock-setup when updating time during installation (#436340).

Kernel status

 * linux-modules-di-m68k-2.6 isn't uploaded due the lack of loop-aes
   and squashfs since linux-headers lack modules.lds files (#402061).

 * hppa has been switched to 2.6.21 but the kernel is currently
   affected by #431773, #427398, #433768 - all marked as pending.

 * sparc kernel seems to produces unkillable processes (#433187).

Installation Images

 * netinst images are huge due debian-cd inclusion of excluded packages
   dependencies (#410418).

 * weekly CD builds for sparc are broken.


on behalf Debian Installer Release Team

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