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Bug#378487: linux-2.6: kernel-2.6.17-3 on a P-IV locks up the machine: problem with 'drm:i830'


Thanks for your mail.

I have not found any such problem after upgrading to Etch.
Etch kernel ran fine for a few days I used.
I am running unmodified stock kernel for more than 2 months,
and the system never locked up in this time.

Therefore, you can close the bug from Etch onwards.

Xorg uses 'i915' as the kernel module, whereas the older XFree86 used
i830.  Therefore, it is possible that the i830 kernel module was causing
the problem.


On Mon, 6 Aug 2007, maximilian attems wrote:

tags 378487 moreinfo

any update of that trouble on the etch kernel or
on latest backports / testing / unstable?

thanks for feedback.


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