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Bug#435469: closed by maximilian attems <max@stro.at> (Re: Bug#435469: linux-source-2.6.22: udev: common user action causes undecipherable hang)

thanks for your reply.

> i guess that was not what you meant..

mirroring an active root to your new drive fails miserably.  why?
because /dev is hidden.  but why *must* it fail miserably?  i did
propose two solutions.

the error occurs before, not after, the first INIT message, but i see
now that it is userspace.  so why not reassign to the appropriate
userspace package?  it is not a bad thing to make the boot process
easier for users without harming anything else.

*i* don't need this fixed, because i figured out the workaround
(copying .static/dev as a special case after copying everything else).
 so as you can see this is not a support request.  but it is
appropriate to save the lives of the people on the street below *other
people* from having computers fall on them.  mirroring root to a
backup partition with rsync is common whether or not it's a good idea
to do so without lvm snapshots and the like (i don't use lvm because
it's an extra layer and i don't know if it would unshadow /dev or not;
i assume not).


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