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Bug#428783: linux-latest-2.6: Use new Breaks field to avoid installing new kernel image if old packaged modules are installed


On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, Sven Luther wrote:
> This is why i proposed instead to handle the kernel packages otherwise,
> outside the normal kernel infrastructure.
> We would have a kernel part of the archive, which would be independent
> from the normal stable/testing/unstable/experimental setup.
> In it, we would have a per kernel-abi version sub hierarchy, which would
> contain all modules and other kernel related stuff (even .udebs), so
> there would *NEVER* be this kind of breakage, nor a breakage of the
> netboot d-i images, since we would always have a given abi available.

There's no real breakage and it's limited to sid anyway, for the time
between the upload of linux-2.6 and linux-modules-{contrib,extra}. Both
those packages are the responsibility of the kernel team, so it's just a
matter of coordination inside the kernel team.

I don't see the benefit of an extra archive, it would require changes in
the buildd to get this archive autobuilt. Furthermore it would lead to
less user testing since it's outside of unstable and we don't really want

My suggestion takes into consideration the fact that the uploads of
linux-2.6 and linux-modules-{contrib,extra} are not synchronized (because
it's difficult to get all the external modules to build) and proposes a
simple mechanism to make sure that the user notices this
non-synchronization instead of being silently bitten by it.

Raphaël Hertzog

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