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Bug#425050: initramfs-tools: Ask if we should update all initramfses

> On Fri, May 18, 2007 at 07:32:45PM +0200, Tim Dijkstra (tdykstra) wrote:
>> I created a patch to ask a debconf question (medium priority) if
>> update-initramfs should update all initramfs or not. The idea is that
>> other packages (like my uswsusp package) should check this question too.
>> This way we can make both the people that want to keep old initramfses
>> around and the people that want an up-to-date initramfs for several
>> versions happy at the same time.
>> grts Tim
> big no:

Hi Maks,

I guess you followed the discussion on the d-d mailing list about this
issue. Imho it actually makes sense, to have a consistent
update-initramfs-behaviour between all packages modifying the initramfs.
Tim's proposal is not that bad either imho:

> useless debconf proliferation is bad.

This debconf message would only be within update-initramfs. Other
packages using initramfs-tools would only *read* the debconf setting. So
talking about debconf proliferation is a mild exaggeration.
You could also achieve the same via a setting in a configuration file
but using debconf is more userfriendly.

> second if you want to update all initramfs it is easy to do so.

Sure it is. But the point is to have a consistent behaviour between all
packages modifying the initramfs.
Having one package use "-k all" (as madm already does) defeats the idea
of having a backup initramfs.

> third this does not belong to initramfs-tools at all.

Sure it does. initramfs-tools should be the package which defines the
default behaviour of update-initramfs. Other packages should *not*
modify this setting but only read it.


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