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Bug#421377: linux-2.6: Please add the malta flavour on mips and mipsel

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Aurelien Jarno <aurel32@debian.org> [2007-04-28 14:32]:
> > Please find attached a patch to add a malta flavour to the linux-2.6
> > package on mips and mipsel. As the names says, it support the Malta 
> > board, which is a development board produced by MIPS, and which can
> > run various CPU. QEMU also emulates such a board.
> I guess we could drop the qemu flavour and add this one instead.  I'm
> a bit reluctant to add another flavour without removing one, although
> it's not such a big problem on mips/mipsel.
> Thiemo, what do you think?  Aurelien, are there any advantages of the
> current qemu image over malta?

I reagard the Qemu Malta support as work in progress. I know of some
flaws which need fixing, and which appear not to be present in the
"generic" Qemu MIPS emulation.

IOW, both flavours for now, and when the Malta Qemu emulation
stabilizes we can drop the Qemu-specific one.


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