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Bug#416098: kills my server on install

On Mar 26, 2007, at 9:26 AM, Tore Anderson wrote:

 I googled this error message and it seems a lot of people have seen
 lockups with this SAS adapter (without there being any mention of
 Munin).  Unless you can reproduce this I agree with Stephen that the
 kernel (or hardware) is at the prime suspect, and that it happened
 during a Munin installation was just random chance.

The fault is definitely with the RAID controller. I had the exact same problem on 4 Dell PE 2950's, triggered by munin and was able to solve it by upgrading the firmware on the RAID controllers.

For some reason munin seems to trigger this problem much more easily than other scenario's. I haven't searched for the exact cause (i.e. which plugin triggers it).

The best way to fix this is to upgrade to the latest version of the firmware for your RAID controller, which is a PERC 5/i in my case. Go to http://support.dell.com/ and search for the latest firmware for your RAID controller.

Version info for the RAID controller, after upgrading:

                Image Versions In Flash:
Boot Block Version : R.2.3.12
BIOS Version       : MT28
MPT Version        : MPTFW-
FW Version         : 1.03.10-0216
WebBIOS Version    : 1.03-04
Ctrl-R Version     : 1.04-017A


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