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Bug#411696: linux-2.6: r8169

Package: linux-2.6
Severity: important

When attempting to install with d-i daily builds (or hand built d-i
images) via the network I find that I am unable to use r8189 network
controllers which had ethernet cables connected at modprobe time.  The
system detects the three r8169 controllers that are present and detects
link state on them correctly (as reported in dmesg).

ifconfig reports that an ethernet controller which had the cable
connected at modprobe time has dropped a small number of transmitted
packets and 0xffffffff (roughly) received packets with no successful
traffic.  Controllers not cabled at modprobe time appear to work with no
ill effects.

uname -r reports this as version 2.6.18-4-486.  This appeared to work
fine with 2.6.18-3-486.

Severity important since this has a major effect on d-i usability.

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