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Bug#401916: Bug 401916: analysis and suggested solution

Bonsoir David!

ok back after reading some code. :)

Quoting David Härdeman <david@hardeman.nu>:

> Oh, I missed that variable...I've written a patch now to export it.

yup ack.

> I've attached a patch against the udev and initramfs-tools source
> packages that implement the following changes...please review:
> 1) ROOTDELAY is exported by initramfs-tools and used in udev if set

i'll apply tomorrow and look to push that for 0.85f

> 2) Checks in udev for scsi/firewire/usb have been added and will add 10
>    seconds of sleep if found

hmm this seems to affect any modern board,
so urrgs.
but your grep on the usb_storage thread was not successfull,
so maybe we need here build depend logic?!?

> 3) The module scsi_wait_scan will be loaded by udev if scsi is detected,
>    modprobe should only return from loading that module once all scsi
>    busses have been scanned (I found that module yesterday...pretty
>    nifty band-aid solution to the problem, does not help with
>    usb/firewire though).

ack, but not for etch:
The relevant commit happend for 2.6.20 with the note:
    "This patch only handles drivers which call scsi_scan_host.
     Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, USB and Firewire all need additional work."

so it would already be of a help for uname = 2.6.20.
willy was pushing this work, so we'd have the expertise for a postetch
kernel fixes.

> How would MODULES=MOST create stuff under /dev then?
what about static dev.. ;)

happy night

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