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Re: status of the kernel wrt etch

On Thu, Feb 15, 2007 at 07:54:36PM +0000, martin f krafft wrote:
> Dear kernel team,
> not only because of an upcoming talk on the status of etch, but also
> out of genuine interest and the desire to improve things, I am
> rather interested in what's blocking etch right now. From what I've
> heard, the major showstopper seems to be that we currently don't
> have a releaseable kernel, and that there are some stones in the
> way of releasing one.

This is probably a good opportunity for us to get in sync as well.

I'm actively working on #406055 - finally got a machine setup to
reproduce it on, and am narrowing down the "breaking" changeset. fwiw,
the current behavior appears to have been in mainline for quite some
time. I contacted the upstream maintainer when I first noticed it
(last week when it was reassigned), but haven't heard back. I'll try
again when I've narrowed it down. I will know more by tomorrow

As for #404927 - I think all of the information is there to provide a
patch to udev to workaround the issue, and I think Marco is planning
to do, but haven't heard back from him. In our last conversation he
said that a patch would help. If its not fixed by the time I'm done
with #406055, I'll see if I can learn enough udev to create one
(though I don't have the hardware to test it).

I'm not actively working on any others.

dann frazier

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