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On Wed, February 14, 2007 11:02, Michael Prokop said:
> * David Härdeman <david@hardeman.nu> [20070206 19:15]:
>>  udevtrigger
>>  udevsettle || true
>>  ps > /begin.ps
>>  while ps | grep -q "usb-stor-scan"; do
>>    sleep 1;
>>  done
>>  while ps | grep -q "scsi_scan_"; do
>>    sleep 1;
>>  done
>>  ps > /middle.ps
>>  udevsettle || true
>>  ps > /finish.ps
> Done that. I've taken screenshots with the digicam (sorry, was the
> easiest way for me and I'm a little bit in a hurry right now):
>   http://dufo.tugraz.at/~prokop/initramfs/

Images is fine, thanks. Unfortunately the ps ax output is the same each
time so it is no surprise that my approach doesn't work. I do however have
another theory, it seems that it can take a sec or two between the loading
of usb-storage and the usb-stor-scan thread to be created...in order to
test this further, could you please replace the above parts with:

udevsettle || true
cat /proc/modules > /modules.txt

And provide me with the contents of modules.txt (the digicam method is fine)

Could you also provide the output of "ps ax" once the system is up and

David Härdeman

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