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Bug#410845: [powerpc] The PCILynx firewire driver is broken on PPC machines, and should be disabled.

Package: linux-2.6

When I boot Debian (Etch or Sarge) on my Blue&White PowerMac, with the old TI PCILynx firewire chip on the motherboard, the pcilynx driver crashes consistently. If I blacklist pcilynx, the crash goes away, but I have no firewire capability.


Looking at the archives of the Linux1394 developers mailinglist, it appears that pcilynx on PPC hardware has been horribly broken for a long time (at least since 2004). Furthermore, it looks like support for pcilynx may be dropped entirely from the next generation of ieee1394 drivers, regardless of CPU type.

I'd like to suggest that pcilynx be disabled in the Debian PPC kernels, and a note to that effect be put in the release documents, encouraging users who need firewire to avail themselves of one of the cheap OHCI1394 cards.


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