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Initramfstools lvm on raid.

Hi guys,

I have been playing with various scenarios of LVM on top of a raid
partition with the root as an lvm partition.  

The only way I can get it to boot successfully is by hacking initramfs

The fix seems to be quite simple:

I modified the lvm script so that it calls pvscan (which is just a
symlink I created to vgchange) before doing the vgchange -ay to activate
the lvm volume groups.  

The pvscan seems to make it block access directly to the block devices
if they are already being used as part of a raid array.  This forces
vgchange to correctly use the raid device rather than it's underlying

Without this hack I can't get a root on lvm on raid[456] to boot
successfully at all.

I hope this is helpful to you and all.

Daniel Reurich

Centurion Computer Technology (2005) Limited.
Ph: 021 797 722

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