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Bug#405232: include rt2400/rt2500/rt2570/rt2x00

Sam Morris wrote:
> Is there any progress on this? Will the updated packages enter etch?

2007-01-30 12:45:54 < panthera> aurel32: any nex about the r???? modules?
2007-01-30 12:46:00 < panthera> s/nex/news/
2007-01-30 13:29:03 < aurel32> panthera: it won't be possible to get the
current version in etch
2007-01-30 13:29:09 < aurel32> panthera: so that will be for lenny
2007-01-30 13:35:40 < panthera> aurel32: too bad :/ nevertheless, thanks
for your efforts.

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