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problem with tar on Debian etch AMD64 / kernel OOPS


I am using mondo for tape backups. With Debian Etch (VServer Kernel
2.6.18-3-amd64/2.6.18-7) I get a kernel OOPS from tar - because mondorestore
executes tar - and tar crashes.

I had contact with the Debian maintainer of the mondo package ("Andree
Leidenfrost <andree@debian.org>"). Here is his comment:
>Hi Oliver,
>I agree with your original assessment that this is a kernel issue. This
>means I don't believe it is an issue with mondorestore.

Now I do not know where the problem is related to - the kernel or the tar

I have attached all information I have collected for this issue:
1. psaux - my process list after the OOPS
2. the complete syslog exception
3. in subfolder "tmp" all needful information from mondo-restore e.g.
mondo-restore.log with the tar command executed

I hope this information is helpful for you. Could you help me?

Oliver Paulus

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