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Debian Kernel Build

Please forgive me if this is not the correct forum to post this. I have tried debian-user list with zero responses, so I am hoping someone here will point me to the correct answers.
Thank you in advance.
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Question: How accurate is the mini HOW TO at the below quoted site? It seems not to have been updated for 2.6 series kernels. Is there a better tutorial?
I have the : http://kernel-handbook.alioth.debian.org/
Running Debian Unstable > cannot find an off the shelf k7-smp image that won't either lose mouse and keyboard communication or boot. The previous 2.6.16 versions were fine.. but not the -18's, at least not so far. And i do not seem to be able to find the old version to reinstall.Alas I resort to a simgle cpu 2.6.18.-4-i486 version which does other odd stuff with Iceweasel flickering and consuming 95% cpu on many websites. Of course it could be my beloved e-17 (entrance wm)!!! Oh well, Unstable as she goes.........! I really hate to resort to booting Ubuntu 6.06 !
thank you.
Thank you.

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