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Bug#409243: fails to boot.

reassign 409243 lvm2

On Fri, 09 Feb 2007, Mauro Sanna wrote:

> ii  linux-image-2. 2.6.18+5       Linux kernel 2.6 image on
> PPro/Celeron/PII/P
> I am using sarge and I have installded backport of linux image 2.6.18.
> When I boot with kernel 2.6.8 it's all ok.
> When I boot with kernel 2.6.18 it says that it can't find volume group
> vg00 and waiting for root filesystem.
> The creation of initrd with kernel 2.6.18 is automatic, I'have tried
> also update-initarmfs, reboot but the system hangs with the above
> messages.
> If you try to install etch using one boot partition and lvm for the
> remaining disk space you'll see that it don't boot.

no it does not it's because your lvm2 is still from sarge
and it be interesting to track the failure down, currently
i have no other info beside the failure.

could you add vgscan to your initramfs and check what it is
saying inside of the rescue shell.
you'd have to add a following line to the bottom of one hook in
 /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/ :
copy_exec /lib/lvm-200/vgchange /sbin

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