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Bug#407735: closed by maximilian attems <maks@sternwelten.at> (Re: Bug#407735: 2.6.18-3-686 tcp_window_scaling serious problem)

> On Sun, Jan 21, 2007 at 09:37:51AM -0800, prosolutions@gmx.net wrote:
> > Sorry, this is not acceptable.  This is *not* a bug with "my"
> > infrastrucuture.
> It is.

If it were a bug with "my" infrastructure, how could the problem occur
only with certain sites?  Why would the problem occur always with the
same exact sites?  Why would the problem never have occured with
different operating systems/kernels?  Why would the exact same sites be
unreachable with this same buggy kernel regardless of which DSL provider
I am connected to?

If there is a way for this to happen, I would like to know.  Also, did
you read the information I provided?  Because it answers this issue
EXACTLY and clarifies what is happening and why, including a link to a
relevant comment on the LKML.  It may be that "my" router or whatever
has an issue - but that would mean so do millions of other people in the
world.  This has been acknowleged on the LKML and if it is Debian's
policy to force millions of end-users to suffer because of some policy
then it is wrong.


> >                   It occurs regardless of what network I am on (and I
> > should know, I have a laptop).  It is a bug with the kernel's handing of
> > tcp window scaling and it is a severe bug because at least 30 percent of
> > the sites around the world become inaccessible with it.
> I don't know any site which have this problem and I regulary see window
> sizes up to 700k on my wire. Please clearify this 30 percent. Don't say
> slashdot, I use that.
> Bastian
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> No one may kill a man.  Not for any purpose.  It cannot be condoned.
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