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Bug#407671: Missing CONFIG_PMAC_BACKLIGHT_LEGACY breaks backlight control

severity 407671 wishlist

On Sat, Jan 20, 2007 at 01:18:26PM +0100, Matthias Grimm wrote:
> This option disables some PMU ioctls that won't be needed anymore due
> to the sysfs backlight interface. Unfortunately the current setting also
> disables IOC_GRAB_BACKLIGHT, that _is_ needed by any user space daemon that
> likes to control the LCD backlight.

Why? IOC_GRAB_BACKLIGHT is used to add some lock to it.

> This bug is at least grave because it will break system daemons like
> pbbbuttons, hal and any other that controls the backlight on powerpc.

No, it is wishlist. The userspace tools have to be fixed to cope with

The code is unchanged in 2.6.20-rc5, so the behaviour is not yet
questionable. If it is broken, bug upstream first.


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