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Re: linux-2.6 build problems due to kernel-package

Frederik Schueler <fs@debian.org> writes:

> Hello,
> Looking at what happened to the last 2.6.20rc4 snapshots - build logs
> are here:
> http://stats.buildserver.net/build.php?arch=&pkg=linux-2.6
> I suggest we get rid of kernel-package in the linux-2.6 build process 
> ASAP, because it keeps breaking linux-2.6 builds on most if not every 
> upstream release(-candidate).

Lets look at those stats:

2.6.18: broken debs causing build-depends to fail
2.6.19rc6: same errors as 2.6.20, assuming same packaging error
2.6.19: linux source broken (missing header)
2.6.20: linux-2.6 packagin broken

Is there even one log there with make-kpkg failure? I spot checked a
bunch of failed logs, those earliest for an upstream release and none
of them are make-kpkg failures.

> Yes, after the release, of course :-)
> Best regards
> Frederik Schueler

I would say quite the opposite. What is breaking for me (as user) is
the mixture of linux-2.6 hacks with make-kpkg. Lets remove all those
hacks by reporting feature requests to kernel-package where needed and
make linux-2.6 use make-kpkg properly.


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