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Bug#405232: linux-modules-contrib-2.6: Include packages for rt2400 & rt2500

On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 02:57:59AM +0100, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> reassign 405232 linux-modules-extra-2.6
> thanks
> [ Since rt2400/rt2500 are in main, the correct conglomeration package is
> linux-modules-extra-2.6, and not linux-modules-contrib-2.6, hence
> reassigning the bug. ]
> Sam Morris wrote:
> > Would it be possible to include module packages built from the
> > rt2400-source and rt2500-source packages?
> Sure. I had a look on both packages. There are just three things to
> do/get prior the inclusion:
>   * the $module-source package should install a tar.bz2 as
>     /usr/src/$module.tar.bz2. Currently, it is a tar.gz, so this needs
>     to be changed.

I will change that. 

>   * the ack of the maintainers (hence CC'ed).

That's ok for me. Would it be possible to build the rt2x00 and rt2570
packages? I guess a new upload of linux-modules-extra-2.6 will have to
go through NEW, so better add more modules at the same time.

>   * should the modules be build for all flavours and arches, or are
>     there any which the maintainers would like to have excluded?

This module is a driver for wireless cards, so I guess it is useful on
most architectures but sparc and s390. I know it has been used on i386,
amd64, powerpc and sparc.

> Once the changed rt2400/rt2500 packages are uploaded and the two missing
> information are answered, I'll include them immediately.

I will upload them in the next few hours.

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