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retiring from debian for two months ...

Hi, ...

well, most of you followed the disgusting events on debian-private, let me
just give a little summary for those who didn't :

  Some months ago Fabio agreed to mediate between me and Frans.

  Last week he asked for my banning from the debian lists, which i found
  extremely surprising, since things had gone rather well.

  I agreed instead to a self-imposed removal from lists, so this will be my
  last post until end of februrary, i wish you all good luck until then.

  Our DPL was most insistent that i accept this ban, on the other hand, he
  said nothing on Frans's reply, where he mostly told he would not be hold by
  the mediation, and that i would never, whatever effort i would ever make, be
  accepted inside d-i again.

  Manoj too was extremely aggressive in his comments in those threads.

  Not all agreed to this though, and many heavily condemned the proposal by
  Fabio, but our DPL was not moved by this, and reiterated this morning that i
  stop all debian posts, putting my honour and word in question.

So, given all this, and how Maximilian recently did a huge and agressive
ranting against me on irc, i will not leave until end of february, and see
afterward what my involvement will be.

I plan to prepare a FOSDEM talk about my ideas concerning d-i, the kernel, the
kernel .udebs, the oportunities the initramfs format and its cpio
concatenation offers us and d-i, and probably other stuff concerning handling
of the non-free firmware and so on. I invite everyone of an open mind to
attend there, and discuss issues, but these are nothing but the ideas i have
been proposing since years, and which gave me the enemity of the d-i
leadership, so we will see, i just hope i will not be stoned at FOSDEM or so
by angry DDs.

Anyway, here is my post-reply to Anthony :


and since i am respecting this self-imposed ban, i will be without pity for
those of the opposing party who don't do so, and to Anthony Towns if he fails
to make them respect their part, not that i hope much in fairness and sense
from Anthony, though.

Anyway, it has been fun working with you all, i hope i see you in marsch.


Sven Luther

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