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Bug#404143: Fans unreliable under load, permanent memory leak

Package: linux-image-2.6.18-3-amd64
Version: 2.6.18-7
Severity: grave
Justification: hardware overheating hazard; requires periodic reboots

(This is not the same bug as #400488 (upstream #7122))

This bug affects several amd64 notebooks from HP, notably the nx6125
and the nx6325; there may be other affected machines as well.

Kernel team, please apply the patches for

This bug is there merely to remind the kernel team not to release etch
without the patches :) However I'm not sure which upstream version of
linux, if any, contains the patches in the (long) trail of comments.
So, it might be necessary to wait for a few days until the patches
arrive in Linus' tree.

- under load, the fans fail to turn on when the temperature reaches
  and then exceeds the normal threshold, which is 58°C.
- there is a permanent memory leak in the kernel, even when the system
  is idle.  The leak is visible by looking at
  $ grep Slab: /proc/meminfo         and
  $ grep Acpi-State /proc/slabinfo

- if overheating, shut down the computer and let it cool down; or
  let it shut itself down to prevent a fire hazard.
- if the only problem is the memory leak, reboot.

Consequence: linux-image-2.6.18-3-amd63 (=2.6.18-7) is unsuitable for

The memory leak is described at:


Today I had to reboot my HP Compaq nx6325 because the kernel was
eating 1.8 Gb out of the 1.9 Gb of RAM in the system, after about 9
days of uptime.  Then I started a hourly cron job to monitor
/proc/meminfo and /proc/slabinfo as described above:

2006-06-21T20:06:10: Slab:            30296 kB
2006-17-21T20:17:01: Slab:            37756 kB
2006-17-21T21:17:01: Slab:            48116 kB
2006-17-21T22:17:01: Slab:            55764 kB
2006-17-21T23:17:01: Slab:            69904 kB
-- Reboot with acpi=noirq: only one CPU found --
2006-24-21T23:24:10: Slab:            10444 kB
-- Reboot with pci=noacpi: only one CPU found --
2006-30-21T23:30:26: Slab:             9676 kB
2006-30-21T23:30:26: Acpi-State             0      0     80   48    1 : tunables  120   60    8 : slabdata      0      0      0
-- Reboot with no options: OK, both CPUs found --
2006-34-21T23:34:23: Slab:            10584 kB
2006-34-21T23:34:23: Acpi-State             0      0     80   48    1 : tunables  120   60    8 : slabdata      0      0      0
2006-17-22T00:17:01: Slab:            15424 kB
2006-17-22T00:17:01: Acpi-State         23088  23088     80   48    1 : tunables  120   60    8 : slabdata    481    481      0
2006-17-22T01:17:01: Slab:            29956 kB
2006-17-22T01:17:01: Acpi-State         59136  59136     80   48    1 : tunables  120   60    8 : slabdata   1232   1232      0

I'm more than willing to help test a kernel package, but I'll be on
[VAC] from 2006-12-23 to 2007-01-03 inclusive.  So, please do not
release Etch just now :)

Ludovic Brenta.

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