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Bug#403041: breaks crypto setup

package: usplash
severity: important
version: 0.3e
tags: security 


I recently installed usplash on powerpc, together with a crypted partition 
using dm-crypt. 

Usplash doesn't give me a prompt to enter the passphrase (which I just filed a 
wishlist bug about), but whats much worse, when I manually switch to the text 
console and enter the passphrase, it is shown in clear on the screen and 
doesnt work.

When switching to the text console before the passphrase is prompted, it 

I filed this bug as important because of these two issues together: it breaks 
functionality and additional has the potential to leak  a probably very 
complicated passphrase. If it just wouldn't work, I would have used normal 


P.S.: I'm sorry to be so unspecific, I've done this install more than two 
weeks ago and forgot to file the bugreport.

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