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re: taco salad


are you guys gonna make it this year. I hopeso. we sure miss you. anyways give this to dad he was asking me about the next one i get. so here pass it on to him will ya?

V S U S Announces New MyOneScreen Application & New Market strategy.Price & Volume Go Through the Roof!

compan y: VS US Technologies Inc. Ticke r: V.S.U.S.
Fi nal: $0.03
Not e: Price Up 33 Percent, Volume UP 209 Percent!

V S U S technologies Inc. (V S U S) has developed a new application that allows you to surf the web, use email, shop online, and use office documents and spreadsheets, all from one secure application called MyOneScreen. This application is free to download and the campaign is now launching to the world market of internet users.

VSUS has also signed agreements with two of the largest Blog marketing companies on the net to incorporate there advertising solutions via Blogs into the software. Blog advertising, although in its infancy is fast becoming one of the worlds most effective means to reach the market. Companies like Intel, Banana Republic, and Coca Cola are now focusing large portions of there advertising dollar into Blog Advertising.

This company is in the right place at the right time and investors know it! Go read the recent news, look at the amazing new application and its capabilities, but most of all grab VS US first thing Wed morning, before this thing climbs any higher.

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