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Bug#310982: plan to include in sarge 2.4 update

On Sun, Nov 12, 2006 at 09:28:14PM -0700, dann frazier wrote:
> Moritz pointed out that this issue has been overlooked for sarge
> updates so far. From my reading of this report, it sounds like our
> best option for sarge is to incorporate Horms' patch for 2.4.27.
> Does anyone object to this?
> I'll make builds available for testing prior to uploading, in case
> anyone is interested in verifying this solution.

If you point me at the patch I'll be happy to rack my brains and
tell you want I was thinking at the time.

  H: http://www.vergenet.net/~horms/
  W: http://www.valinux.co.jp/en/

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