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Bug#343440: Resuming from suspend to RAM with 2.6.14-5 fails significantly more often than with 2.6.14-4


On Mon, 06 Nov 2006, Thomas Maier wrote:

> Am Donnerstag, den 02.11.2006, 18:01 +0100 schrieb maximilian attems:
> That is very good.  Thanks for the link (retrieving package information
> in synaptic doesn't always work), I well remember the day when I read
> the notes for 2.6.14-3:
> [ maximilian attems ]
>   * Reenable CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND on i386 and ppc, resume=/dev/<other device>
>     must be set by boot loader. (Closes: #267600)
> You were the hero of my day :).

thanks, your reply made my day. :)
remember that previously swsusp would grable the initrd mem location,
and we were missing earlier userspace support for it..
> > 2.6.19 promises a speedier suspend to disk, let' see.
> Do you know whether any work was done after 2.6.17 (my last Debian
> kernel) to speed up that "Shrinking memory..." phase.  Because that's
> where all the time was spent.  Not that the actual writeout was speedy,
> but that shrinking thing was definitely the most annoying part.

yes akpm and rafael did a lot of for work 2.6.19,
i've heard that the next ubuntu release will be based on it,
so you should really have soon those improvements.
> > and the suspend2 maintainer finaly starts to feed upstream.
> It's not that he didn't try earlier :(.  I followed some of the merge
> discussions and I was so frustrated how linux development works that I
> really thought about switching to that other OS or buying a Mac.  But I
> guess you got assholes everywhere.

no he didn't really try to work with the submission rules,
but that's off topic ;)
> > here on an x40 suspend to ram takes not even 1 second and
> > suspend to disc varies of the image size but is around 15-25 seconds.
> Suspend to RAM works acceptably fast here, too.  Not a single second
> (wow!), but, say, three seconds.  I could live with that if it resumed
> reliably.  (Plus, the machine really drains batteries, even when S3ed).
> 15-25 seconds sounds fine, too.  How much of your RAM is used?  It
> really is the "Shrinking memory" phase (see above) that takes the time
> here.  I have a feeling that it starts being slow as soon as I use more
> than half of my RAM.  Which somehow fits to something I read about
> swsusp ages ago (that it needs half of the RAM free but that was long
> ago and maybe they finally got rid of that).
> And what about resuming?  Not the actual resume itself but the feeling
> of the machine.

the trouble with suspending to ram seems that at reinitialization not
all pci quirks are applied the same way like on regular boot.
need -ac (alan cox) to discover it recently :)

1 gig of ram and quit a lot is used,
here most of the time is spend on writing the image to disk,
is much quicker on single user mode, feels like without dma.
> It is a Sony PCG-GRX616SP.  See 
> http://www.se.eecs.uni-kassel.de/~thm/Linux/linux-on-sony-vaio-grx616.html

i see.
good week + best regards


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