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Re: Release team position on the state of kernel firmware, post GR2006-007

Steve Langasek wrote:
>With the conclusion of GR 2006-007[1], we now have a clear statement from the
>Debian developers that it is acceptable to release etch with firmware that
>does not meet our usual requirements for inclusion in main, subject to three
>principal conditions:
>  1. the freedom of the kernel for etch will not be a regression relative to
>     sarge

Unfortunately, the following additional hex lumps which you did
not mention fall in this category:

net/e100.c (e100 is salvagable for reasons noted in its specific bug.)

In addition, the readdition of tg3 and acenic are clearly regressions.
Interpreting the meaning of the GR to be directly contrary to its
actual text is, shall we say, questionable.  I'm not going to complain
too much about that because I expect this will be fixed immediately
after etch.  If it's not, I shall be ticked.

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