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Bug#391384: linux-image-2.6.18-1-686: Compaq Proliant DL380 fails to boot

James Bottomley writes...

> Er ... you mean the email that I sent pointing to a fix in the
> scsi-rc-fixes tree?  Then yes, I think it's a correct fix.  It's already
> in 2.6.18

No I mean the message from Yanko Kaneti <yaneti@declera.com> which says,

 "Correct me if I am wrong but the fix mentioned above and already in the
 main kernel tree references PCI_DEVICE_ID_LSI_53C1510 which is 0x0009
 The lspci output given before that says 00:01.0 0104: 1000:0010 (rev 02)
 that is 0x0010 -> PCI_DEVICE_ID_NCR_53C1510.

 I have with me a Compaq dl380 with the same lspci output and sym2 from
 the latest kernel tree still claims the raid. I believe the tweak for
 PCI_DEVICE_ID_LSI_53C1510 in sym_glue.c should also be applied to
 PCI_DEVICE_ID_NCR_53C1510 to fix this for good."

Matt Taggart

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