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Re: [PROPOSAL] Final consensual proposal for the problematic firmware issue in the linux kernel sources.

On 2006-10-08, John Kelly wrote:
> On 2006-10-07, Oleg Verych wrote:
>> binary-firmware must be removed, or 15+ years of Debian are wasted
> If you want to re-live the past 15 years, take your own advice:
>> let them have own built kernel
> and do it yourself.

Hm. I have no problems doing this, really.
What i wrote was about DFSG (i.e main archive) and installation.

> As for me, I want to make progress, to etch and a 2.6.18 kernel.  The
> debian kernel maintainers have a practical solution, and I agree with
> them.
[sounds ubuntu-like, but no flamewars, please]

And this is possible without any *firmware* in debian/main and
installation process.

I will support .18 in etch as much as i can. BTW, even .18 isn't enough
for modern (0-1 year) office PCs, and there are doubts about backporting
stuff from new upsteam. For example i have such PC, which require some
new bytes from new r8169.c. Will kernel team backport that? I doubt it.

Anyways, more frequent releases aren't much for old-good servers, IMHO.

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