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Re: Bug#383600: behaviour of update-initramfs -u has changed, only updates latest kernel initrd

On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 11:27:47 +0200, maximilian attems <maks@sternwelten.at> said: 
> i'd like to have a better /etc/kernel-img.conf, but Manoj doesn't
> want to update that config file at all so you have to stop
> installation to add obvious things there like do_initrd=yes.  even
> if you add this you get prompted anyway on kernel upgrades..  nor
> does Manoj want to add the do_bootloader response to aboves config
> file.

        I don't like modifying configuration files in maintainer
 scripts, true.

> first of all i'm against useless propagation of debconf dialog, when
> you can't do the obvious.  the obvious is to be conservative and not
> touch all initrd, due to potential boot trouble, but still propagate
> the fixes to the newest initramfs.

        Being conservative would be not to touch an initrd at all :)

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